July 25, 2016
Dental Care of Corona - Dental Trauma

Top 3 Reasons People Go To The Dentist

There are basically 3 reasons why people “don’t” go to the dentist.  They are: fear of the needle, fear of the expense and that the doctor won’t listen to them.  Most dental websites focus on those things. The real question is: “Why do people go to the dentist?” Why People Seek Out A Dentist  The 3 top reasons people seek […]
July 13, 2016

Corona, CA dentist explains how to avoid stains on your teeth after braces

There is a common problem associated with having braces. Many times, patients realize that when braces are removed, there are stains remaining on their teeth. This can leave most patients a little frustrated because they now have straight teeth but stains on the teeth that makes their smile look unsightly. There are several solutions in getting teeth back to a […]
June 12, 2016
Answers to Crooked Teeth Corona

Problems With Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are a problem with many Americans and can be a source of real embarrassment.  Most people would love to have their smile straightened but have learned to live with it like it is.  However, not getting your teeth straightened can cause a variety of problems that can end up costing tons of money that really isn’t necessary. Bad […]
April 1, 2016
How Can Home Whitening Kits Help

How Can Home Whitening Kits Help?

How Can Home Whitening Kits Help? Everyone wants that bright, radiant smile. Having a winning smile helps you display confidence and face people and situations with greater comfort and ease. But what makes a great smile? Ask anyone about it and they’ll tell you that aside from having little or no dental imperfections (in the form of obvious misalignments, tooth […]
January 20, 2016
prosthodontics corona

Why Learning About Prosthodontics Will Matter to Your Dental Health

Restoring chipped, cracked, or missing teeth is important to your overall dental health. Damaged teeth could potentially lead to decay or periodontal disease, not to mention ruin your perfectly good appearance. Missing teeth, on the other hand, could affect your ability to eat or even speak because the gap creates a shift in your teeth. Whether it’s damaged or missing […]