August 30, 2016

7 Benefits Of Dental Implants

It seems that tooth loss is becoming almost epidemic. When a tooth is lost, bone loss begins almost immediately in the teeth that are on either side of the missing tooth. These teeth take on additional strain from chewing and from any bridgework that is possibly anchored to them. If this is not treated, it can lead to additional tooth […]
July 26, 2016

Why It Is Important To Replace Missing Teeth

We have an epidemic in our society today and most people aren’t even aware of it.  It’s not necessarily classified as a disease but the effects to a person’s life can be extreme, especially if it is ignored.  This epidemic affects the 65 and older demographic more than any other. What is it?  TOOTH LOSS.  Gum disease and decay are […]
January 20, 2016
prosthodontics corona

Why Learning About Prosthodontics Will Matter to Your Dental Health

Restoring chipped, cracked, or missing teeth is important to your overall dental health. Damaged teeth could potentially lead to decay or periodontal disease, not to mention ruin your perfectly good appearance. Missing teeth, on the other hand, could affect your ability to eat or even speak because the gap creates a shift in your teeth. Whether it’s damaged or missing […]
July 6, 2015

Why Use a Cosmetic Dentist – Corona Clients Share 3 Reasons

Deciding to get medical and dental attention is simple and easy when the reason is solely based on oral health. A painful toothache, an impacted tooth or bleeding gums should be treated by a professional, and urgently – there’s no question about it. If these oral health problems happen to you, you most likely won’t hesitate to go for the […]
May 23, 2015

All About Dental Implants – Corona Practitioner Gives Overview of Procedure

If you have lost a tooth due to an injury, a disease or other reasons, you might be exploring what your available options are in terms of replacing the lost tooth. One such option that you might want to consider is getting dental implants. Corona locals interested in this procedure should read the important details listed below. What to expect […]