January 7, 2016
plaque corona

What You Need to Know About Plaque

Are you under the impression that people just naturally lose their teeth as they get older? If this is true, then how come there are so many octogenarians who still have their own teeth? There’s obviously a flaw to that belief because you clearly can enjoy having your own teeth for a lifetime. What you need to know about plaque […]
December 22, 2015
young doctor dentist examines the mouth of the patient

What to Expect at a Typical Visit to the Dentist

Movie scenes and other people’s stories often present similar depictions of what transpires in a dental office. The truth, however, is that it’s always a different experience for everybody; either you enjoy it completely because the clinic is decked out for the complete convenience of patients, or you get a rather unpleasant encounter with the dentist because he’s the true-to-life […]
December 5, 2015
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What to Do If Your Teeth Get Chipped

There are several possible reasons why you might chip your tooth or teeth. One, you might have bitten on a hard object, when you open a bottle, or food, or when you chew ice. Two, you might have fallen down a flight of stairs and injured your mouth. Three, you might have serious cavities that have weakened your teeth. And […]
December 1, 2015
Why Is Using A Fluoride Toothpaste Important

Why Is Using a Fluoride Toothpaste Important?

Why Is Using a Fluoride Toothpaste Important? There are some people who claim that toothpastes cause them to break out—they get zits on the chin and around their mouth. A lot of dermatologists are quick to say that the skin irritation is usually due to the fluoride content of toothpaste, and the best solution perhaps is to switch to organic […]
November 17, 2015
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What Is Really the Proper Way to Brush Teeth?

Do you know how to properly brush your teeth? When you ask that question to a child, it may sound sensible. Ask the same question to an adult, and that question may sound silly. The truth is, many oral health problems can be attributed, at least partially, to improper tooth brushing. What is really the proper way to brush teeth? […]