November 8, 2015
receding gums treatment corona

What Are Receding Gums?

When people talk about oral health care, more often than not, the focus of the discussion centers around the teeth. However, good oral health should include the gums which are susceptible to a few issues, the most common of which are receding gums. What are receding gums? Gum or gingival recession refers to the condition where the margin of the […]
October 22, 2015
tooth decay treatment corona

The Truth About Tooth Decay in Both Children and Adults

You might be surprised to learn that tooth decay is on the rise despite fluoride being added to drinking water and the advances in modern dentistry, but this is the unfortunate fact. Thousands of children go to their dentists for tooth extractions caused by decay while more than a million preschoolers get fillings. The truth about tooth decay in both […]
October 10, 2015
teeth cleaning in corona

5 Answers to the Question “Why Is Prophylaxis Important?”

Prophy-what? It’s easy to get intimidated by such an unusual terminology as “dental or oral prophylaxis,” but it really just means dental cleaning, which is a very common dental procedure. The question now, though, is this: Why is prophylaxis important, when a lot of people practice sound oral hygiene anyway—shouldn’t a frequent personal oral hygiene routine be enough to get […]
September 17, 2015
food for oral health

What to Eat to Improve Your Oral Health

Simple sugar is the enemy of your teeth—you know that. So you do your best to avoid the usual suspects such as candies, cookies and soft drinks that can serious oral health damage. You’re also aware that it’s not only sweet treats that can cause tooth decay. Breads, bananas, cereals can contain fermentable carbohydrates, which are bacteria’s best friend when […]
July 15, 2015

How to Get the Best Smile Makeover with the Right Cosmetic Dentist – Corona

It’s not like you intended for your teeth to get so bad that you can’t even smile without covering your mouth anymore. Whether it’s through years of smoking or an inconsistent dental routine, you now have less than desirable teeth. And it’s not just cramping your style—where gaps and chips are concerned, poor looking teeth could also affect your dental […]