You Have Gotten Your Teeth Whitened In Our Corona Office – Now What?

Teeth whitening is still the number one most desired cosmetic dental treatment in the world. Let’s face it. Everyone would like to have whiter teeth.

If this were not true, you wouldn’t see all these big companies competing for retail space in the stores for their teeth whitening products.

Most of these products do some good but fall shy of getting the results most people really want. This leaves the consumer a little disgruntled and wondering why it didn’t work or it sends them looking for more professional solutions.

Here Is Whitening Fact

So let us give it to you straight. The best whitening solutions you can get are going to be whatever in office whitening solution your dentist offers. You can generally get your teeth 6 to 8 shades whiter in one office visit where as over the counter products don’t even come close to matching that.

So You Have Gotten Your Teeth Whitened – What Should You Do And Not Do

So, you finally breakdown and you come into the office and get your teeth whitened. You get out of the chair and look in the mirror and you are completely amazed by the results you have gotten. You start thinking about how you wasted your time with the products you got from the local superstore that didn’t work and you plan to never go that route again.

However, another thought comes into your mind also as you are staring at your new pearly whites. “How am I going to keep these teeth looking like this? I don’t want to go back to a dingy looking smile and be right back where I was when I came in.”

First of all; you need to ask your doctor what you need to do to keep those teeth white and what options are available to you from their office to help you do so. Some offices offer take home whitening trays to help you maintain that white smile, so ask about those.

Secondly; you are going to have to be proactive about taking care of your teeth and avoiding the things you did before that aided in your teeth becoming discolored.

5 Foods and Drinks To Stay Away From Right After the Treatment

Let’s look at what you need to stay away from right after you have had your whitening done in order to improve the longevity of your results. Here they are:

  • Stay away from coffee. We know this can be hard for those of you who like their early morning Joe, but it has to be done. You need to wait 48 hours after your whitening before you hit that coffee bar in your home or head to the local Starbucks.
  • Stay away from red wine. Red wine is a leading cause of teeth stains and you need to stay away from it as long as possible after the whitening.
  • Sorry chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate has a variety of health benefits but it can also cause staining your newly whitened smile. You need to make sure you avoid it for at least a week.
  • Bi-pass the dark sauces. Sauces like tomato sauce, stews, soy and marinades can cause significant staining.
  • Stay away from food types such as oranges, lemons, limes, pickles and soft drinks. After you have had whitening done, the enamel of your teeth is weakened and these foods can cause pain and sensitivity.

If you do experience pain and sensitivity after having your teeth whitened, it is always good to call our office and let us help you. Many times, a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth can help with immediate relief and that may be all that is needed.

If you experience any ongoing pain or discomfort, then you will need to come in and lets find the root cause and get it treated.

Here at Dental Care of Corona, we can help you get the white smile you have always wanted. Give us a call today and let’s get you on your way to a brighter and whiter smile.

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