Sleep apnea is terrible condition. Let’s face it. If affects our lives in multiple negative ways.

We often talk about the negative affects of sleep apnea on our health such as increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

However, we rarely talk about the affects of sleep apnea on our relationships, especially with our spouses.

Many spousal relationships have been affected by the snoring of one of the partners and many have even ended up in marital counseling over it.

More than one husband has gotten his ribs bruised from his wife rolling over and elbowing him to get him to wake-up or rollover and stop snoring.

Don’t Ignore It Any Longer

Most couples just learn to cope with it in some way. Some spouses end up sleeping in another room, on the couch or in a chair.

The fact is, these are not real fixes or solutions to the problem.

The solution is to get the sleep apnea treated.

In the past, treatment for sleep apnea was done with a CPAP. This stands for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.”

The patient would either wear a mask over their nose or what is called a nasal pillow.

The CPAP gently forces air up the nose into the airway pushing back the soft tissue in the throat that has fallen back in the throat and is obstructing the airway. That is why the most common type of sleep apnea is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

However, many patients have a problem wearing the CPAP either because of the hose, the noise, or feeling claustrophobic. This leaves their sleep apnea untreated.

A Better Solution

There is a solution for those who cannot wear the CPAP and it is cost effective, comfortable, FDA approved and doesn’t require mask and hoses.

It’s called Oral Appliance Therapy.

Oral appliance therapy is a custom made device that fits comfortably in your mouth while you sleep.

It works by gently pushing the lower jaw forward to stop the soft tissue in the back of the throat from obstructing the airway.

You can talk with it and even drink water with it in your mouth.

The simplicity of this device is really a game changer for those who cannot sleep using the CPAP for treatment.

If you have questions about Oral Appliance Therapy, then give our office a call today. We will be happy to sit down with you and see if we can help you get a better nights sleep.

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