Increasing research in recent years has shown the potential medicinal uses and health benefits of Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, as it enters the medical spotlight.   The Cannabis Sativa plant, from which both marijuana and hemp are produced, is the source for CBD, a chemical compound known as a “cannabinoid”

This compound can be used to help relieve inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain, and other ailments, after it is extracted and mixed with oil to create CBD oil.  

This CBD oil does not produce any psychoactive effects, because it does not possess the chemical responsible for the “high” one gets when using marijuana, unlike its’ sister compound THC.

Quality sleep and CBD oil

Several conditions, such as anxiety and stress, that affect the quality of sleep, have responded well to the relief provided by CBD oil.  Acting as a stress suppressant, CBD effectively decreases our anxiety level, which allows our body and mind to relax sufficiently for beneficial sleep.

Commonly used for pain relief, especially chronic pain, CBD oil can also be used to ease ailments that are sleep-related, such as Parkinson’s disease, which is a neurological disorder.

CBD oil has been recognized as an effective and natural alternative to over-the-counter medications, like cold medicines and sleeping pills, and pharmaceutical prescriptions, for those who suffer from sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome, insomnia and sleep apnea.

Anxiety and CBD oil

The primary reason many people seek out CBD oil, is often anxiety, because of the calming effect the oil is known to have.  CBD may be an effective treatment for those looking to reduce or manage symptoms associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, social anxiety, and even PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, according to promising research!

CBD, it is believed, helps promote the body’s serotonin production.  This serotonin is the key neurotransmitter and chemical that regulates human functions like appetite, sleep, anxiety, moods, and other emotions.

Weight loss and CBD oil 

Even though research is limited at this point, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil can help suppress appetite, burn fat, help turn bad fat (white fat) into good fat (brown fat), and reduce the risk of metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 

Scientists are still doing research to help them understand the connection between weight loss and CBD oil.   However, many of them hypothesize that the connection is a result of the way CBD interacts with our ECS (endocannabinoid system), and its’ receptors throughout the body.

How to choose the proper CBD oil supplement

In order to ensure that you are getting a high quality supplement when you are choosing a CBD oil, it is important to look for the following qualities:

  • Third-party testing for the presence of impurities, THC level verification, and CBD concentration
  • THC level of 0.03 or less
  • Extracted by using the CO2 extraction method
  • Whole or full-spectrum plant oil
  • US-grown, organic hemp

Purchasing CBD oil

Zillis UltraCell CBD, a hemp sourced through a USDA-certified organic producer in Colorado, is one brand that fills the bill for a high-quality CBD oil.  Because it is created with a proprietary, water-soluble formula, UltraCell CBD, when compared to regular CBD oils, allows for 30 times more absorption! 

In addition to the very valuable results of helping you sleep better, UltraCell CBD oil can help target cognition and weight, and support homeostasis, by offering Booster supplements that can be used in conjunction with the CBD oil, delivering vitamins and minerals in “one powerful punch!”

If we can answer any of your concerns or questions about the part CBD oil can play in a more quality night of sleep for you, please give us a call.

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