You get up in the morning.

You go to the bathroom and turn on the light.

You look in the mirror and gasp with air.

It’s not because your hair is messed up.

It’s because you are ashamed and embarrassed by your smile.

You have missing and decayed teeth that makes you want to throw your hand over your mouth and never smile again.  The frustration of it is something you live out each and every morning.

It’s gotten so bad that you probably don’t even brush your teeth anymore.

Some Don’t Even Want The Dentist To See

You would think that a person with this type of condition would want to see the dentist right away but the fact is most don’t. 


Because they are terrified of the one person that can fix it and they are even more embarrassed for them to see the condition of their mouth.

They are afraid of being judged and criticized.  They are afraid that people in the office including the staff will look down on them in some way.  Let’s face it, no one likes to feel put down or ashamed.

It’s Not That Way In Our Office

Imagine going to a dental office that really is a judgement free zone.  No one casting stones are trying to make you feel unimportant or belittle you because you smile is less than perfect.

That’s what you are going to find in our office.  A caring, trained, competent and professional staff.  One that is concerned about providing an outcome to your oral health that changes the way you feel about yourself. 

What We Can Do For YOU

The best way to fix a mouth that has several missing teeth and substantial decay is to use dental implants.  You have probably heard about dental implants as there are several advertisements on TV about them lately.

Dental implants look, feel and perform like your natural teeth.  There are several types and materials.  You get a single tooth implant or you can get what is called an implant supported denture or bridge. 

The first thing you need to do is not worry about what anyone is going to think because your oral health is important not to just the way you look but your overall health as well.

Give our office a call and we will use the latest technology available to see just what is going on with your teeth, gums and bone.  From there, we will work with you to devise a plan to bring your smile back to life.

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