A perfect set of teeth makes for beautiful smiles—this is the major motivation people have behind the decision to get dental or porcelain veneers. This dental procedure or treatment is a quick one, especially in terms of delivering target results. Thin shells of medical-grade ceramic are attached to the front surfaces of teeth and imperfections are instantly concealed.

corona dentistPorcelain veneers come in three types: you have lithium disilicate, pressed ceramic, and stacked ceramic. Lithium disilicate veneers are the most durable and the most ideal for people who tend to grind their teeth or are severe bruxers. They are the most expensive as well because this particular material can only be created using CAD/CAM technology, but they are truly worthy investments given their overall quality.

Pressed ceramic veneers, on the other hand, are thicker (which may feel a tad weird at first) than other types of veneers, but they are quite durable, too.

And lastly, stacked ceramic veneers allow ceramists to really customize the product for the best comfort of the patient and overall appearance.

Needless to say, aesthetic benefits are the promise of dental veneers. Corona dental experts say that veneers are able to address a whole variety of structural or cosmetic problems with teeth. A chipped tooth, cracks, minor misalignments (which, by the way, is still quite common even for people who have worn braces), unevenness with tooth shape, discoloration (that is not superficial)—veneers never fail to correct them all.

It’s important to point out as well that the application of veneers is not as invasive as other dental solutions, which is a plus for many. Likewise, most people are good enough candidates for it. The requirements for qualification are minimal; you just need to have good overall oral and periodontal health, must be able to commit to proper oral hygiene and care (to maintain the nice appearance of the veneers), and must have sufficient healthy enamel to apply the veneers on.

If you’re not able to meet, for example, the first requirement which is to have good overall oral and periodontal health, all you really need to do is wait a bit and “work your way up.” Get all the dental treatments required (filling, extraction, oral prophylaxis) and recover from whatever condition you have. Once you’re free from gum disease, tooth decay and other oral infections, you can expect to be approved for treatment so you can finally have the perfect set of teeth that will make your smile your best asset.

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