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Magnolia Avenue is one of the main roads running near Dental Care of Corona. It connects with South Main Street and has several restaurants and businesses along the way.

In addition, there are several housing subdivisions off of Magnolia Avenue that are very near to Dental Care of Corona.

One of the main areas off of Magnolia includes Villafranca Street, Sunburst Lane, Encore Way and Roser Drive.

If you live or work in any of these areas, then you are just a short distance from Dental Care of Corona.

Our offices loves our local area and serves this area with a full service dental office. We offer convenient hours and in most cases, you can be here from anywhere on Magnolia Avenue in just a few minutes.

What We Offer For Those Living On Or Near Magnolia Avenue

If you have dental emergency, then give us a call immediately. We handle all type of dental emergencies.


Prevention is the key to good oral health and we offer x-rays, exams and cleanings. Keeping up with your preventative dental care is a money saving effort.

Prevention allows us to catch problems early so they don’t turn into bigger and more expensive problems later on. For instance, if you allow decay to persist to the point that you loose your tooth, then you will have to consider a bridge, partial or implant which are much more expensive than a tooth colored filling.

It just makes sense financially to keep up with your regular dental appointments.

Cosmetic and Restorative Treatments

Sometimes, patients come into our office with a variety of challenges to having a great smile and oral health. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can solve many if not all these problems.

These things include:

  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Tooth colored fillings
  • Dental Implants
  • Teeth Whitening

It doesn’t matter if you have stained, gapped, crooked, cracked or broken teeth. We have a solution for you.

Treatment For Crooked and Misaligned Teeth

The number 3 reason that people seek out a dentist is because they are dissatisfied with the alignment of their teeth. They either crooked or misshapen in some way.

Crooked teeth can cause a variety of problems which include:

  • Extra wear on the teeth
  • Contributes to gum disease
  • Greater chance of decay
  • Bad breath due to extra bacteria in the mouth
  • Further broken or cracked teeth due to the teeth not coming together correctly
  • Jaw pain

Most people don’t think of crooked teeth causing these types of problems as they are simply hung up on the appearance of their teeth.

In our office we offer several ways to correct crooked teeth. These include:

Six Month Smiles

Which one is the best for you depends on the degree of correction that needs to be made.

Do You Have Dental Pain?

The number one reason that people seek out the services of a dentist is because they are encountering dental pain.

It could be a toothache, an abscess on the gums or an exposed nerve causing sensitivity.

Whatever the issue, it needs to be fixed so you can get on with your life pain free.

A complete exam with digital imaging generally reveals the cause of the pain so we can treat it immediately.

Sedation Services and Numbing For Those Living Near Magnolia Avenue

Many people have fear and anxiety over going to the dentist. Most of the time it is because they had a bad experience years ago or no someone who did.

Today, we have the ability to numb you up with topical medicines that make it so you don’t feel the stick of the needle.

We also offer 3 levels of sedation depending on your case to help you be more relaxed than ever when getting your treatment done.

For most people, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can do the trick. Others may need what is often referred to as “conscious sedation” and for other things like implants, IV sedation is available.

Our goal is to make your comfortable. Our team will work with you to make sure you have a fear free and world class experience.

If you are looking for a dentist near Magnolia Avenue, then call us today at 951-268-9858.

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