Discover Food and Beverages That Can Be Bad for Your Oral Health

Good nutrition is key to your oral health. What you eat and drink can help your mouth resist infection, saving it from plaque and cavities. Proper nutrition also keeps your teeth and gums strong. When you’re able to consume a balanced diet, you not only get perfectly healthy and good looking teeth. You also save quite a bit of money on dental care.

The first step toward good nutrition is to know the “bad guys”—the food and beverages that can be bad for your oral health. Here are some of the food and drinks you’ll want to avoid:

Sticky Foods

This includes sticky candies and sweets, like caramels, and dried fruits. Sticky food, as the name implies, will stick to your teeth. When these substances are left too long on your teeth, they will do some damage. If you must partake, make sure that you rinse thoroughly, then floss and brush soon after.

Soda or Carbonated Drinks

This beverage will destroy your oral health in two ways: with sugar and with too much acid. Know that even the so-called diet sodas will still have some amount of sugar and acid.

Hard Candy

Lollipops look colorful and inviting. They seem so innocent and yet do so much damage to your teeth. For one thing, you might be sucking on a lollipop for a long time, which means your mouth is exposed to so much sugar. For another thing, you could chip your teeth when chewing on hard candy.

Sports Drinks

Most sports drinks will have enormous amounts of sugar. You might perform with more energy on the court or on the field. But your teeth will suffer in the long run.

Sugary Spreads

From jams to jellies, these fruit-based spreads go perfectly well with peanut butter. But most will have high amounts of sugar. And too much sugar will erode enamel.

Caffeinated Drinks

Coffee can be good—in moderation. It’s even better if you don’t take sugar with the beverage. The thing about caffeinated drink is that it will dry out your mouth; you need saliva to keep away the plaque, neutralize the acids that harm enamel. So if you have dry mouth frequently, you expose your teeth and gums to tooth decay.

Potato Chips

Delicious, aren’t they? You can’t just have a few—you must finish the entire bag in one sitting. It’s how this time-honored snack is designed. But the chip will get stuck between your teeth. This allows acid-producing bacteria to raise your risk for tooth decay.

The final step toward good nutrition is to choose healthy foods and beverages for your oral health. Be discerning about what you buy and consume, and you’ll achieve better oral health.

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