End Of The Year Insurance Benefits

Insurance end of year

We don’t have many leaves changing colors, but even so, autumn has arrived! This time of year brings a lot changes (in temperature, thankfully!) for many of us; it’s also a time of preparation for the upcoming holiday season. With that in mind, we wanted to encourage those of you who haven’t taken full advantage of your 2019 dental insurance benefits available to you, to do so.

Benefits which go unused are taken in as profit by most insurance companies. Not fully taking advantage of your coverage will mean not only a loss to yourself but also to your employer which offers you these great benefits.

Our schedule really fills up in late October, November and December, and we want to make the most convenient appointment times available to you.

Call us as soon as possible at 951-666-2100 to get what you deserve out of your insurance benefits and avoid the last minute time “crunch”.

Please remember that if you have any unused dollars in your flex-spend account you can apply these benefits towards any type of dental treatment even Invisalign.

We’ll look forward to seeing you soon and helping you and your loved ones start the New Year with a great smile!

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