Gum Rejuvenation

Dr. Shital Patel and Dr. Rakesh Patel have received training in the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique, a method of surgery that allows them to offer help for patients with receding gum lines without invasive surgery.

According to Dr. Shital Patel, “The Chao Pinhole Technique is a great advancement in the treatment of receding gums.  In the past, we had to graft tissue from another part of the mouth and place it over the area in question.  This led to much longer healing times and much more painful and invasive surgery.  Now, this technique allows us to reposition the gums quickly and easily, giving the patient a much shorter recovery period and much less pain.”

The Chao Pinhole Technique allows gum grafting procedures to be done much more simply and less invasively than in the past.  Formerly, gum grafts required stripping tissue from the roof of the mouth and positioning it under existing gum tissue, using sutures to hold it in place during healing.  Now, with the Chao Pinhole Technique, a different technique allows gum repositioning without grafts.

Using this technique, a small hole is made in the gum tissue above the area affected by receding gum lines.  A special dental tool is inserted into this small hole and is used to push the gum tissue back into place.  When the recessed gums are corrected, tiny collagen strips are inserted into the gum tissue to stabilize the gum and promote rapid healing.

The Chao Pinhole Technique is far less invasive and requires a much shorter healing time than traditional gum grafts.  With the help of this new technique, Dr. Rakesh Patel and Dr. Shital Patel can offer their patients a less painful option for the treatment of receding gum lines.

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