This new concept of treatment with clear aligners, using a progression or succession of aligners that are essentially like clear retainers, which easily and gently move your teeth incrementally without the use of traditional braces, began in 1999.

The original and main system developed was Invisalign, and even though there are other, lesser known aligner systems in the market place, such as Clear Correct, the aligner treatment of choice is Invisalign, which still holds the patent on the technology!

An orthodontist who uses Invisalign will create an image of your teeth with an optical/digital scanner, by taking an image of both your upper and lower arches…which take about three minutes each.

An orthodontist is able to create a progressive series of clear trays, called aligners, to quickly move your teeth, by working on a computer off of those images, sort of like working with a computer assisted design (CAD) program.

So then, the orthodontist is able to create the exact smile, bite and look that a patient desires, in a very precise manner using the most recent scan to model each tray.

In this manner there is no embarrassment for the patient the way there once was with braces, because the aligner trays are clear.

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