One of the most rewarding facets of our profession, Dental Orthodontics, is the satisfaction we receive when have the chance to treat a child who has experienced teasing and embarrassment due to the appearance of their teeth, then see them blossom into a self-confident, outgoing child.

This can make such a huge difference in their lives, and is just one more reason why orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign, are really one of the most effective cosmetic dental procedures.

The most common statement from our adult patients, who finally decide to have their teeth fixed is, “we wish we had done it sooner”.  Much like our treatment of children, the adults we have treated have shown complete changes in their personalities in overall satisfaction of life, such as self-confidence and self-esteem.  All due to having their teeth straightened with braces or aligners.

One key thing that sometime makes all the difference, and is the most significant part of the non-verbal interview, according to HR people involved with interviewing job applicants, is their smile.

Below is the story of just one of the cases we have treated:

A female air force officer in her late 20’s had been referred to us with a lower jaw that was jutted much more forward than the upper – a severe Class III case. Since the lower front teeth were way out in front of the upper teeth, she had developed a severe under bite.

She had stated, very specifically, that she did not want jaw surgery, even though she could easily have been the perfect candidate.

Our decision was to go with Invisalign, which in our opinion, could be made to work without surgery.  After fifteen months of this aligner treatment, following extraction of her two lower front teeth,  we had successfully closed up the space of her two missing teeth, and were basically able to achieve the same results of jaw surgery…her under bite had vanished!

Since she had not had to have jaw surgery, and in view of the awesome results we had attained for her appearance, she was absolutely thrilled! She stated that the Invisalign treatment we used had changed her life, and her “before and after” photos put on display for all to see, the amazing transformation in her looks.

It has been much easier for both children and adults to get the fantastic results of transforming their smiles into a “work of art”, because of the technological advances we have made in orthodontics…the development of braces, and especially the introduction of Invisalign technology.

Please contact us if you have any problem with your bite, or the alignment of your teeth, so we can explore your options together. 

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