Thinking About Invisalign But Don’t Know What To Expect?  Here Are Some Powerful Faqs.

Can anyone tell that I’m wearing the aligners?

It’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to Invisalign. Despite the name of the product, Invisalign is not completely invisible. It’s pretty easy to tell from a conversational distance if someone is wearing these aligners or not. However, compared to braces, Invisalign is much less noticeable—and it all depends on the person you’re talking to.

Can I take my aligners off whenever I need to?

You have the flexibility to remove your aligners’ to brush and floss or eat and drink what you want during treatment.

You can also remove aligners for special occasions, like a wedding, job interview, or for playing your favorite sport or instrument. However, for the best results and a timely outcome, aligners should be worn for 22+ hours per day.

Are there any restrictions on what I can eat while in treatment?

One big advantage of Invisalign is that it straightens your teeth without restricting your diet. Unlike traditional braces-wearers, your invisible aligners are removable, so you can eat whatever foods you want without worrying about lettuce getting stuck in your brackets, a pizza crust tearing a wire out of place, or chocolate cake nesting in between all the metalware.

Is Invisalign treatment painful?

Invisalign is often advertised as being pain-less and less painful than metal braces. But that doesn’t mean that Invisalign doesn’t hurt. Moving teeth and straightening will leads to some discomfort. It is less painful than traditional metal braces, but the pain fades after the teeth adjust in its new position.

If you experience any form of discomfort for an extended period, please, talk to your dentist.

Sometimes when I remove my aligners, my teeth feel loose. Is that common?

Invisalign aligners are meant to move your teeth into their proper position; therefore, your gums are re-forming around each tooth as it moves. So, yes, it is normal to feel loose teeth. Always talk to your doctor about any concerns.

Will Invisalign treatment still work if I only wear my aligners while I sleep?

You may not get the best results if only worn while you sleep. To get the most out of your Invisalign aligners, make sure you have them on for a period of 20 to 22 hours.

Will wearing Invisalign clear aligners affect my speech?

In most cases, any changes caused by your Invisalign aligners are generally minor and temporary. A slight lisp is possible in the early days of wearing your aligner. But, it should disappear in a few days.

Will smoking stain my aligners?

While the Invisalign trays are removable and you can technically smoke or use tobacco products while undergoing treatment, it’s a very bad idea. The tobacco can stain the aligner trays, and it can also lead to major issues with your overall health and wellness.

Can I chew gum while wearing aligners?

Do not chew gum with your aligner on. Just like it is advised to remove your aligner before you eat or drink, the same applies to chew gum.

Can the aligners slip off while I’m asleep?

Invisalign aligners are designed to fit snugly around your teeth, so, it doesn’t matter what you do, sleep, laugh, talk, sing, it will not fall off. So, this shouldn’t be something to worry about.

I went on a trip and forgot to take my aligners with me. Will my aligners still fit?

The answer would depend on how long you have gone without your aligners. If it’s only for a short time, your aligner should still fit, but, you may feel a little discomfort. If it has been for a long time, it may not fit, and there’s no use trying to force it. In this case, talk to your dentist about this situation.

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