My Formal Is Soon, What Can I do To Improve My Smile?

Whether it is your prom, the homecoming dance, or just a formal event of any nature, you want to be to show off your smile with confidence…so the very next thing you should do is to call your dentist. These types of high school formal events only happen once, and you will want the photos to be memories you’ll be proud of for a lifetime!

It will take some planning and work to make everything just right, so give us a call, even if your event is only a week or two away, and let us help you really love your smile. Below are a few steps that we highly recommend:

Schedule A Teeth Cleaning Appointment

When we thoroughly clean your teeth, removing the tartar and plaque, you will bet amazed at how much better your teeth look! Even when your teeth are not actually “dirty”, they can appear stained and yellow because of plaque.

We guarantee that your parents are going to like the idea of having an appointment to get your teeth cleaned, and the really good news for you is that it will not even take an hour to complete. This teeth cleaning is even more important for your overall health, than it is for your appearance, after all is said and done…so call and let us schedule a teeth cleaning for you today!

Available Options For Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can actually be made to turn a yellowish tint by regularly taking antibiotics, or eating a great deal of sushi with soy sauce, pasta with red sauce, or drinking sodas regularly. So, it may not even be a fault of yours, when there are stains on your teeth. You can even be made to look less healthy and much older, unfortunately, because of stained teeth!

Years from now, when you look back on your high school days, these stains are not what you want to remember. In one appointment, we can make sure that you’ll remember a beautiful, fresh-faced smile with bright, white teeth. By way of comparison, it can sometimes take weeks for the store-bought, whitening strips to yield the same results.

The typical store-bought kit is only designed to remove stains from the surface of you teeth, meaning that recent stains from drinking sodas may be easily removed. However, the antibiotic caused discoloration may still remain on your teeth, whereas, our solution readily address this problem by penetrating and targeting the molecules inside your enamel.

This superior process decreases the time needed for your appointment, and dramatically changes your smiles appearance in plenty of time for a prom or homecoming formal event. You will see amazing improvement in your smile, even if it is less than a week away…so give us a call!

Exercises For Your Facial Muscles

Even though the appearance of your teeth and gums is our main focus, there are other things you can do that will improve your smile, and facial exercise is what we mainly recommend. Since many of our patients don’t smile nearly enough, we recommend the following exercises:

Look in the mirror, as you flash the biggest grin possible, and hold it for ten to thirty seconds…repeatedly during the day.

Download a karaoke app on your cell phone, then begin to sing passionately and loudly. Your friends can even join you, which will make it a very fun way to exercise those facial muscles.

You can even tighten the skin around your chin muscles, if you are worried about such things, by kissing the air twenty times, as you are pointing your chin towards the ceiling. Repeat this process twice daily.

Just as you would exercise the rest of the body, you can improve your smile and facial muscles with the above simple routines.

Keep Your Skin And Lips Moist

Since your smile will be impacted by the texture of your lips and skin, keep your skin looking healthy and luminescent by using all-natural moisturizers and a lip balm that is also natural. You can then flash a beautiful, supple, and healthy smile because you have kept your skin and lips moist.

Always remember to read the labels when you are shopping for these items, because if they are full of unreadable ingredients, that usually means the presence of chemicals that can ruin your smile by drying out your lips and skin.

Drink Plenty Of Water

The importance of drinking plenty of clean, fresh water everyday cannot be over emphasized…for the health of your teeth, the appearance of your skin, and for the health of your entire body. Since terrible breath can often be because of dry mouth, you will be less inclined to smile, even if you should want to.

Saliva helps to wash away plaque, bacteria and food particles from your mouth, and drinking water helps produce that saliva. So, during your formal, instead of grabbing a soda, bring a water bottle and rink from it.

Visit Our Dental Office As Part Of Your Formal Preparation

Please remember to think about your all-important smile when you are renting your tux, or shopping for the perfect shoes and dress. A nice smile is statically the most attractive quality anyone can possess, according to both girls and guys. As something that can be encouraging, exciting, playful and welcoming – all the things you want to be and truly are – your smile can be a true reflection of your total personality.

In order for you to be willing to flash that winning smile, you must feel confidence in how it looks. Even if there is only a week or two left before the big event, the really good news is that we can help to drastically improve your smile with a short, painless visit to our office. Give us a call.

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