city of corona californiaCorona is a beautiful city located in Riverside County, California.  The population of the city is about 166,785 people.  It was originally named “South Riverside” during the citrus boom of 1886 and was once considered the lemon capital of the world.

Corona was finally established as a town by the South Riverside land and Water Company.  It was renamed from South Riverside to Corona in 1896.

The city has been popular among celebrities.  They are drawn here to its upscale areas and relative privacy compared to places like LA.  Desi Arnaz had a ranch located in North Corona and often played golf at the Cresta Verde Golf Course.

Some Great Destinations In Corona

Corona is an ethnically diverse area and offers many attractions.  The city is home to almost 400 acres of parks, recreational facilities, hotels, restaurants, sports fields and other interesting places to go.

Here are a few of those destinations:

  1. Tom’s Farms –  people come from all over to buy fresh products at Tom’s Farms.  Now they have live music, a small zoo, shops and restaurants as well as horse rides and a craft fair.  Come and sit down by the pond and listen to live local entertainment.  Check them out.
  2. The Skull Canyon Zipline – the Skull Canyon is located on the eastern side nestled in the Estelle Mountain Nature reserve. You can observe local plants and wildlife there.  The Zipline adventure is certainly exciting and they offer two separate trips.  The Original trip is for all ages while the Extreme trip is for those with a lot of adventure in their blood.  Visit Their Site
  3. The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa – Want a place just to take time to relax? Looking for a place to transform your health?  Then this place is right for you.  Just beneath the Santa Ana Moutains, you will find healing waters, restorative treatments and healthy food.  Find out more here.

These are just 3 of the top attractions in Corona.  Here is a list of others you may want to enjoy:

Looking for more attractions?  Here is 100 things you can find in Corona.

Great Places to Eat In Corona, California

Everyone likes good food and Corona has some wonderful places to eat.  You can find Mexican food, BBQ, seafood and more.

Here are some great restaurants:

Emergency Service Information

If you live here or you are visiting from out of town, it’s always good to know where a hospital or Emergency Room might be.  We definitely hope you never need one, but if you do, here is some helpful emergency numbers:

  • Corona Regional Medical Center – 951-737-4343. Located at 800 South Main Street, Corona
  • Children’s Health Center – 888-770-2462
  • Riverside Medical Clinic Urgent Care – 951-737-0910
  • Inland Urgent Care Corona – 951-279-4994
  • Emergency Dental For Kids – 951-356-4018
  • Corona Police Department – 951-736-2330

If you are an adult and you have a dental emergency, we are always here to help and you can call us at 951-268-9858.

We Love Our City

We love our city and its citizens.  Corona is a great place to live and has a lot to offer for the whole family.  If you are visiting our city, then take advantage of as many attractions, restaurants and retail stores as you can.  You want regret it.

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