Sleep Device Warranty

A Warranty For True Peace-of-Mind

Life happens. Protect your sleep appliance with the highest level of assurance available, provided by Dental Care of Corona.

As a Dental Warranty Certified Practice, we provide modern, reliable appliances you can trust. However, sometimes there is no accounting for things that call for repair or replacement of  your appliance over time.

Your health is an important investment. That’s why we offer our patients a warranty that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

Our Warranty Benefits

PEACE-OF-MIND for an extended period of time on your qualifying appliance.

LIFE-PROOF your appliance from accidental damage from handling – dog-lovers rejoice!

NO COST repair or replacement of covered appliances up to the original value.

NATIONWIDE opportunities to redeem your coverage with any dentist if you move or are traveling.

CONSTANT ASSURANCE that even with insurance frequency limitations, your appliance can be protected.

Patient Responsibility and Enrollment Details

In order to qualify for your warranty benefits, keep up with maintenance visits as prescribed. This helps our patients make healthy choices, and protects the longevity of your appliance.

Dental Care of Corona is excited to offer our patients peace-of-mind protection for your sleep appliance, powered by Dental Warranty.

To learn more about protecting your appliance and for warranty coverage details, contact our office today!

*This is not insurance.

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