Invisalign aligners are used by almost 95% of our adult patients, and the situations are few in which they wouldn’t use Invisalign.  The only scenarios where they wouldn’t be are if their situation necessitated surgery, they had a tooth stuck in their gums, or had an impacted tooth.

Periodontal work may be needed before using Invisalign, by a few patients, such as when they might have a significant amount of gum or periodontal disease, since their foundation would not be strong enough.  If you are going to have the kind of tooth movement created by Invisalign, there must be a good, solid foundation.

A periodontist would first have to decide which teeth are poor or guarded, and which are good, by an examination, and then he would treat them accordingly before beginning orthodontic treatments, by cleaning the guarded ones, and removing the bad ones.

Braces can bother your lips and stick to your teeth, and aligners can offer several advantages.  The enamel coating on teeth can be potentially damaged by braces in conjunction with poor hygiene, especially.  However, when all braces were made of metal, that was a bigger issue than it is now.  Bacteria can even begin to cause decay when little pieces of food debris get caught in between the teeth and brackets.

If a dental patient doesn’t brush sufficiently well, and a dentist misses it, the beginnings of decalcification or a cavity can happen, which are revealed as little white rings on their teeth where brace brackets have been removed.  When teeth have been straightened, this could potentially mean that veneers or bonding might be needed.

This is simply a nonissue when aligner therapy is used, and it also does away with the social stigma some feel with braces.  It also means less discomfort and pain.

The Invisalign aligners can be easily popped on or off while at social engagements, on dates, or simply when eating.  They don’t affect your speech, and as mentioned above, they are much more comfortable than braces.  With Invisalign, you regularly have fresh and clean, new aligner trays, that are being changed every week or two, so the problem of picking up bacteria and plaque present with braces is eliminated.

We have had many news broadcasters, weather announcers, musicians, sports figures, beauty contestants, and celebrities wearing aligners as prescribed, i.e. all the time, with no issues at all. They have done so while “on the air”, and performing live and we have been recommending them from the very beginning in 1999!

Most of the public don’t even notice when our patients are wearing aligners, because they are clear, as well as clean.  They look good, are healthy, and because they don’t show like metal braces, many adults absolutely “love” Invisalign.

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