The Causes of Sensitive Teeth: A Corona, CA Dentist Reviews

Sensitive teeth can be quite a problem for many people. Eating hot or cold foods can be a chore at times. Many people look for home remedies to try and stop the sensitivity only to find that they are short-lived.

It can be so painful at times, that eating your favorite foods or drinking your favorite beverages can become a frustration. If you are not able to deal with your sensitive teeth, then it’s probably a good idea for you to get professional help.

Over 40 million adults in the United States experience tooth sensitivity. There are any number of underlying dental problems that can cause sensitive teeth and to get to the bottom of it requires a real diagnosis from a dentist.

The inside of your tooth is made up of a material called dentin. This material with microscopic tubules that have very tiny nerves. The enamel is what protects the dentin within the crown portion of your tooth. Sensitivity normally occurs when there is nerve irritation caused by the loss of dentin. When this occurs, things that are hot, cold, acidic or sticky foods can cause pain.

Sensitive Teeth Can Be Caused By The Following Dental Issues:

  • Worn tooth enamel calls from brushing too hard
  • Tooth erosion that is caused from eating high acidic foods or drinking high acidic beverages
  • Tooth decay, worn fillings and broken teeth that expose the nerves
  • Gum recession that leaves your roots surface exposed
  • Grinding your teeth at night and clinching
  • Sometimes you have sensitivity after having dental treatments

What are the first steps in treating sensitive teeth?

The first step in treating your sensitive teeth is to have a conversation with your dentist and get an exam to determine what is the cause of the sensitivity. Treatment may be as simple as fixing a small cavity or replacing a filling that has become worn over time. If your discomfort comes from gum loss that exposes the surface of the root, your dentist may suggest a gun graft to protect the surface of the root and to support the tooth.

Once your dentist determines the cause of your sensitive teeth and recommends a course of treatment, you will want to make sure that you keep up a competent oral health regimen at home. If you’ve been brushing too hard, you will want to back off applying too much pressure to your teeth and gums in order for the sensitivity to not return. You may even want to utilize some over-the-counter products that will help with your sensitive teeth issues.

If you have questions about sensitive teeth or you’re having pain right now, you may want to go ahead and give our Corona, CA dentist office a call so we can help find out exactly what the issue is that’s causing you the pain. Dental pain should never be overlooked as it is a sign that something serious could exist.

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