Over the years, there has been a debate on the importance of sleep. Scientists argue that for the brain to function properly, it needs enough rest which is acquired through sleep.

Not having enough sleep may actually be catastrophic. You may fell sleepy during the day, be irritable, sluggish and also lower the concentration level.

Several theories have been proposed after conducting an experiment on both animals and the humans too. The most common one is that for our bodies and brain to function properly, we require enough sleep.

Dr. Sudhansu Chokroverty, suggests that:  “Sleep is needed for both consolidation and reconsolidation of memory and also for adequate stimulation of various brain signals. Some facts have indicated that memories forgotten can actually be restored after a period of sleep.

Recent studies have also brought to light that different genes (expression of proteins) are transcripted in the brain during sleep and as well as when awake. This means without sleep; these proteins will not be transcripted.

Sleep also promotes the release of growth hormone, important in humans for our growth. Production of new proteins in the brain during sleep may promote cell growth. Sleep aids in the regulation of body temperature. It’s therefore clearly depicted that sleep is necessary to maintain good physical as well as mental health.

All in all, the fact remains that our bodies need sleep to function properly.  If you have sleep apnea condition, your body is not getting the rest it needs and thus the depletion of oxygen in your body you need to make an appointment with us. If you have sleep apnea condition or if you are not getting any sleep at all, call us today.

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