Do you want to stay out of the dental office as much as possible?

How would you like to never have a cavity and need a filling?

There is not one person that read these questions that didn’t say yes to them. We all want to stay out of the dentist office as much as possible and we never want to have cavities or need fillings.

So the questions is, “How do you maximize your ability to stay out of the dental office and never get cavities?”

Here is how to get the best results with your Oral Health

Are you ready for the first one.

Brush your teeth, but take it to the next level and maximize your teeth brushing by using a sonic type tooth brush such as a Sonicare or Oral-B type toothbrush.

These types of tooth brushes have proven to remove more plaque and bacteria than your normal toothbrush most of us have.

Now each company has their claim as to how affective each other products is, but generally speaking, they both do an excellent job of getting your teeth really clean.

The top two brands range in price from $59 and up. You might think that is expensive but when you compare it to having to pay for a filling or have a tooth extracted, it is well worth the purchase to avoid the dental chair.

Here is the second one.

Floss your teeth, but take it to another level by using a Water-Pik.

Most of us hate using dental floss or the small flossing devices we can buy at the store.

The fact is that the Water-Pik can really remove unwanted plaque and bacteria out of your mouth much better than traditional flossing.

It can really get in those hidden areas where plaque can build up and cause gum disease much more affectively than using a traditional brush and floss.

Like the sonic tooth brushes, there are several brands and even portable personal water-piks available. The key is to use them regularly.

Most of them come with other attachments that can really make your oral health the best it can be and even prevent bad breath. The range is price from $35 and up depending on the type and brand you get.

Our recommendation is to get the best you can afford and get in the habit of using it regularly. It’s a small amount of money to pay when you know it can save you hundreds in preventable dental work.

Here is the 3rd one.

Use a really good mouth rinse.

There are several over the counter products available that can help you maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. They will help kill bacteria that leads to plaque formation and gum disease.

When you combine these three things to maximize your oral health, you will spend less money treating preventable dental problems and have more money for the things that you love and are really important to you.

Here at Dental Care of Corona, we are always here to help. If you are looking to get your teeth and oral health in the best shape, then give us a call and set up an appointment for a complete exam.

After your exam, we will work with you to help you understand what is involved in maintaining your oral health and will be happy to make recommendations on products and services that will keep you happy and healthy.

Call us today and let’s partner together for better oral health.

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