Vatech PaX-Duo3D Cone Beam CT

Vatech PaX-Duo3D Cone Beam CT – The New Age of Digital Imaging

3d digital imagingHere at Dental Care of Corona, we always strive to make your dental experience quicker and easier than ever. One way we can do that is by having the very best technology in our office.

One piece of technology that can help us help you have a better experience is the Vatech PaX-Duo3D Cone Beam digital imaging system. Normal dental x-rays only provide a 2-D image of your teeth and gums. Cone beam technology allows us to have a three-dimensional view of your entire head. We he can accurately measure the distance between important structures, inside the mouth like nerves, teeth and sinuses. This is very important when placing implants, looking at deeply impacted teeth, evaluating complicated root canals, or trying to evaluate pathology.

Dental Implant Patients Benefit Greatly From This Technology

If you are a dental implant patient, this technology makes it easier for us to place your implants and finish your final restorations to give you the smile you have always wanted and deserve.

By using the 3-D imaging, we can assess a patient’s bone density in order to determine proper implant placement. We can also see if there may be an area that needs a bone graft.

When it comes to the patient, the process is easy. The patient stands in one place and listens to simple instructions that we will give them. The machine even plays music while you are undergoing the scan.

This technology helps us to design a smile that’s just right for you. It makes it easy, simple and comfortable for our patients which gives you an anxiety free experience.


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