You have heard the old saying “they have a sweet tooth.” We all know somebody who does or we may even have one ourselves.

The truth is that sugar can really be a detriment to our health. We know that no one wants to hear that because we all like a little chocolate cake once in a while.

Sugar and Your Oral Health

When it comes to sugar and your oral health, eating those really sugary foods can really hurt your teeth. Sugar feeds bacteria and bacterial growth leads to decay.

We especially have to be careful in giving our children those sugary treats as we don’t want to get them started with bad habits that will lead to bigger problems later on.

Most all the processed foods you buy in the store contain some form of sugar. Limiting your sugar intake is vital if you want to give your mouth a fighting chance to fix the damage and prevent further decay.

Sugar activates acids in the mouth that cause enamel to erode. The repeated cycle of acid attacks causes mineral loss in the enamel. Over time, this weakens and destroys the enamel, forming a cavity.

As bad as we hate to say it, it really is important for you to stay away from sugar and whatever you do, don’t share cups or eating utensils with your child if you have had a sugary food. This can cause the transfer of harmful bacteria to your child’s mouth.

Watch Your Diet

Our diets are important to our overall health but especially our oral health. We need to make sure we are eating foods that help our bodies to resist illness. As some in the medical and nutritional fields have said, “Let your food be your medicine.” Do that, and you will prevent a lot of unnecessary oral health problems.

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