Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment to prevent my teeth from moving again?

Invisalign Completed TreatmentMost doctors would recommend using a retainer after treatment to prevent the teeth from shifting to its original position. Using a retainer is the best way to keep shifting to a minimum and preserve your bite. Because the majority of settling occurs immediately after treatment is completed, patients are usually recommended to wear their retainer on a full-time basis for the first few post-treatment months. Once your doctor evaluates your teeth and approves their placement, you may be able to wear the retainer only at night.

What type of retainer should I use?

Choosing which type of retainer is right for you can depend on where your teeth started before treatment (teeth tend to move back to where they came from), your level of oral hygiene, whether or not you grind your teeth, your personal preference, etc. Depending on your unique situation, your dentist will prescribe the type of retainer that will be best for you and your lifestyle.

How much do retainers cost?

Retainers are usually included in the overall Invisalign treatment fee, so there is no additional charge for the first set of retainers, and some orthodontists include one or two replacements in their standard treatment package. If not included, replacement retainers can cost $100-$300 for one or $200-$600 or more for a set.

How do I order retainers?

It must be ordered through your doctor as they prescription items.

How long will I have to wear my retainers?

For the first 3-6 months after your treatment, you should aim to wear your retainers 22 hours/day. When your dentist feels confident that you are achieving some stability, they will give you the go-ahead to transition to nighttime only wear. You should continue wearing your retainer every night until you have been in retainers for about a year. After a year has passed, you should be okay to wear your retainer every other night.

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