What Is A Toothache: A Corona, CA Dentist Explains

No one likes to go to the dentist but there is one thing that will get people to go every time and that is a good old-fashioned toothache. When you have tooth pain it’s hard to concentrate and get through the day because of the constant throbbing that is associated with a toothache.

What Causes A Toothache?

A toothache generally refers to pain we have in our teeth or jaws that is predominantly the result of some type of dental condition. In most cases, toothaches are caused by problems such as cavities, a cracked tooth, and exposed root or even gum disease.

The severity of a toothache can range from very minor to very sharp and excruciating pain. This pain can be aggravated by chewing or by things that are hot or cold. In order to find out the real cause of your pain, you will need a dental exam and x-rays. This will help us determine what is causing the pain and what is the best course of action for treating the pain and getting you the relief you need.

What About Home Remedies For Tooth Pain?

Many times people try at home remedies to relieve their tooth pain, however, most of the time these remedies do not last very long if at all and sometimes can cause further damage to the tooth and gums. That’s why we recommend that you come in for an exam so that we can help you determine the cause and get effective treatment for your dental pain.

Don’t Ignore Tooth Pain

You should never ignore tooth pain as it is assigned of a much greater problem. If these problems are not treated in the correct manner, it can lead to other problems such as infections that can cause gum disease and even affect your overall health. Don’t let the pain continue any longer than it has to. Modern dental techniques allow us greater opportunity to get you out of pain and do it in a comfortable and anxiety free way.

If you’re experiencing a toothache, then don’t put off calling our Corona, CA Dentist office today. It’s our mission to help our patients live pain-free and have the best oral health they possibly can have. Call today and we will get you in just as quick as possible.

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