In order for your dentures to remain in as good a condition as possible, it is always important to handle them with the utmost of care.  However, the question of what to do if they are damaged is still a wise one to ask! You could then have the necessary tools and info at your disposal, in this case, should this problem arise.  Any questions about the care of your dentures that you may have can always be addressed with a preventative care appointment at our offices.

Here is what you should know in the meantime:

In order to determine the best course of action for repair,  you should bring any damaged denture into our office for us to examine.  When you first receive them, your dentures will need to be adjusted at least once, or maybe several times, so keep that in mind. 

Often times patients call our office worried that something they have done wrong, has caused problems in the comfortable fit of their dentures.  The perfect fit can usually be had with a simple adjustment, in all actuality.  We encourage you to call our office as soon as possible if indeed your dentures are actually damaged.

Tips For Proper Home Care

You can actually cause further damage, should you try to repair damaged dentures on your own.  You can do certain things at home, however, such as:

  • You should never continue wearing damaged dentures, so remove and soak them immediately until you can safely transport them in a protective case to our office.
  • Beginning with the wiring, we always encourage our patients to gather any pieces of a broken denture and bring them all into our office as soon as possible.
  • If clasps are irritating your gums by rubbing against them, it is probably because they have loosened slightly. As a temporary barrier to this, you may want to use some dental wax to place on the wires. In this case, receiving treatment as soon as possible is the order of the day, even if it means seeing a dentist closer to you.

Warning: If You Damage Your Dentures, Never Do These Things

Since doing these things can reduce the repairability of your dentures, or even permanently damage them, we advise our patients to never do the following:

  • Some of the over-the-counter glues can cause you harm, because of the chemicals they contain, so please do not use them! Since it is so easy to visit our office for all the help you may need, it is simply not worth the risk.
  • Further breakage in your dentures can be caused by some of the home repair kits, and because of them, many of our patients have had to spend more money. So please…please do not buy them!


If you are one of those who might be interested in a more convenient and permanent solution, as cosmetic dentists, we can provide you with alternatives that include:

Dental Bridges and Crowns

Dental crowns and bridges can both be the answer for partial tooth loss, and in this case, in order to create the space for these crowns or bridges,

we prepare the remaining teeth to receive them.  The new teeth (bridge), gum base, and the crowns are then simultaneously created in the lab, and the crowns will then be placed in next to your missing teeth when you come in.

Your new bridge will be secure enough for you to smile without worrying about the appearance of your teeth, speak with more confidence, and to enjoy all your favorite food. These should remain in place for many years, and you will be able to care for your dental bridges and crowns just as you would your natural teeth.

Dental Implants

As a better, more permanent solution, dental implants will replace your missing teeth without support being needed from the remaining ones. A titanium post will be secured to the jawbone and implanted under the gums.

Through the process of osseointegration, the titanium post and bone will fuse together over a several months course, creating for your new tooth a durable root system, with which to be attached.

You can now enjoy life completely, without any worry about your new implants, being as active as you want, or eating whatever you like, because these dental implants function, feel, behave and look exactly like natural teeth.  Our patients who have switched to implants from their dentures, give us, as cosmetic dentists, rave reviews on a regular basis.

Since the nightly removal of dentures to soak and clean them can be inconvenient and even embarrassing, dental implants and bridges can represent a much more convenient lifestyle.  It can also be worrisome when you are attending a public event, or when going out to eat because your dentures can become loose when speaking or eating.

When you replace missing teeth with fixed solutions, such as dental implants and bridges, none of these problems exist!

By offering cosmetic solutions, like dental veneers and teeth whitening, our family dentist office can enhance your smile, while also discussing all possible options for replacing any missing teeth, and improving the overall appearance of your remaining teeth.

Solving Your Denture Problems

Please call our dental office right away if your dentures need any repairs or adjustments…we can make sure your denture fits as well as possible, and have any damage corrected in our lab.  In many cases, since we are also emergency dentists, we can schedule your appointment on the same day you call.

However, as cosmetic dentists, we can make it easier for you to enjoy life without thinking about your teeth, by providing permanent alternatives if you are tired of life with dentures!


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