If You Have Complications With Your Wisdom Teeth, We Can Help

The dental term for your wisdom teeth is third molars, and they are located at the back of your mouth and jaw.  This area can become inflamed and very painful if there is not enough room for these molars in your jaw, leaving you unable to chew properly and needlessly frustrated.

Our wisdom teeth often attempt to create space for themselves, where none really exists, because our jaws do not have adequate room. This often results in their enclosure within the soft-tissue or bone.

Regardless of whether the patient is a youth or an adult, this process can create negative repercussions, which soon become painfully evident.

These teeth can cause other oral health problems, such as becoming impacted, because they often come in crooked.

Some of the other problems are:

  • Due to the cramped quarters in the back of the mouth, and lack of cleanability, the teeth directly in front of the wisdom teeth can develop cavities.
  • This can cause the formulation of bacteria, which leads to cysts and infection within the jawbone.
  • Due to insufficient space in the back of the jaw, it can lead to overcrowding of the rest of your teeth.

We usually recommend removing the third molar at a younger age, in order to prevent these negative consequences.  Extracting the wisdom teeth when the patient is young, mid-late teens typically enables the dentist to do it when the root has not yet developed fully.

The recovery time is faster because the extraction is much easier.

  • This procedure is usually performed in the office by our experienced, and highly skilled dentists. It will only last about an hour.
  • In order for our patients to be totally comfortable during their procedure, we offer sedation services.

If you would like to have your wisdom teeth extracted before any of these type problems arise, or if you are already experiencing pain, please call us right away.

Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth?

Since it does not, in any way, make you smarter to retain your “wisdom teeth”, it seems that the real WISDOM would be in having them extracted before any dental problems arise.

Please call us for an appointment if you are having any discomfort with your third molars.  In order to determine what will be best for your particular situation, we will perform a complete exam, which includes taking all the necessary x-ray pictures needed.

To ensure that you will be perfectly comfortable, and at ease during the procedure, we will also discuss all your sedation options.

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