There are many reasons a tooth may need to be pulled or what is commonly called an extraction.  Most the time it is because a tooth is too traumatized to be saved.  This could be from decay, gum disease, a bad crack or a severely broken tooth.  Any one of these reasons could be causing your terrible pain and removing the tooth will stop the pain your having.  Whatever the reason, we are committed to helping you get out pain in the most comfortable way possible.

What Can I Expect With An Extraction

We always do a very thorough exam before attempting to extract a tooth.  Sometimes, there are problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye and so a set of digital x-rays will be necessary in order for us to see clearly what is going on with your teeth.

Once we have a set of x-rays and we determine that it is safe and the best course of action to pull the tooth, we will numb the inside of your mouth in order that you don’t have any discomfort will pulling the tooth.  You will feel a little tugging and pressure as we remove the tooth.

If you have extra anxiety and fear about having an extraction done, then we do offer sedation services that will you be totally relaxed during the procedure.  We can discuss with you what type of sedation would be best for your situation.

What Do I Do About My Missing Tooth or Teeth

No one likes losing their teeth.  It can create other hardships for you such as making it difficult to chew your food or speak properly.  If the tooth is in a very prominent place visually, it can cause some embarrassment.

Other things missing teeth can lead to can cause further complications down the road such as bone loss in the arch and movement of the teeth around where the tooth is missing.  These are a couple of reasons you should consider replacing your missing teeth with a prosthetic of some type.  The type you would use depends on how many teeth you have missing.  If it is just one or two teeth, then a single implant might be the solution.  If it is more than that, then a partial, bridge or denture might be the answer.

The best solutions for missing teeth are always dental implants.  These could be individual implants placed in the area of the missing tooth or teeth or they could be an implant supported bridge or denture.

Once your teeth are extracted, then it is important to consult with the doctor about what solution you may want to use to fill these gaps.  We will be happy to go over each in detail so you will have a full understanding of what solutions are available as well as cost involved.

If you feel you need an extraction, the first thing to do is come in and get an exam so we can see if that is the best course of action.  We practice conservative dentistry and we want to do what is best for you.

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